Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Post 133-Itchy Fingers

My fingers are itching to knit, just not on the two sweaters and second sock I have on the needles. I am avoiding my current projects and just want to play with yarn. I bit the bullet and balled up the Cashmere Boucle I bought last year at School Products when Chicken Linda and I went to represent in NYC.

I first tried the Open Star Stitch pattern I found in my Treasury of Knitting Patterns book. It's a very nice pattern but a waste of a design with boucle yarn, it doesn't pop.

I next tried the Turkish Faggoting Stitch, much better, it made the type of fabric I was looking for, very airy and I think would make a nice size scarf with only 200 yards. Unfortunately the color striping is not the best, I would normally like it but in the middle it gets all muddy, so overall it looks wonky.

So this one gets frogged too, I'm glad it's such a nice open stitch, I don't think it will tangle as much. I really liked doing a Faggoting stitch, they're usually a one row pattern that you repeat over and over, very easy to do and mesmerize. This yarn won't take a complex pattern, boucle yarn hides designs. Maybe cast-on the side and not the bottom, say 4 to 5 feet?

There's something wrong in this picture.....
Piewacket is a fast cat and very curious, she got up there the minute I turned my back after I removed two magazine organizers I wanted to check for a pattern to use with my Debbie Bliss Silk.

Yea, it's cold here in Chicago, when I woke up it was 3 degrees, now it's a wopping 13, such a heat wave, hehe. You would think this cold weather would make me knitted faster, it's the weather I've been praying for, lot's of cold and snow. EH, I was wanting a nice german snow, not an arctic tundra.

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