Saturday, February 02, 2008

Post 125-For Now

Busy Bee was me this week. What it comes to is that I sorta fell into a part-time job. While it is a job I was pursuing, it's not the hours I wanted, but for right now it's something and it helps that I really admire the company. So my game plan is to continue to educate myself on all office software and continue to pursue a job with my dream company....if only my friends would assist know who you are out there!

So this week started out with Bella's meet-up group, it's always fun to see 20 IG's play and sniff butt.

Afterwards I had a coffee date with this guy I had met online last year and we just couldn't find the chance to meet, eh, it was OK. I came away with two thoughts, 1. It's nice when guys pay for your coffee and biscotti, and 2. I'm getting better at this sorta blind date thing, and while I may tell the truth in my profile, not all guys do. So, I trudge on looking for Mr. Right (now?), Stud Muffin, Sweet Checks if you know any single slightly nerdy guys let me know.

Tuesday was a good day, I got that sorta job and also recieved my Hazel Knits yarn, ummmm Chocolatier, makes me hungry. The colorway is soooo pretty, I would catagorize it as a semi-solid. On thursday I officially signed up for the Sea Socks 08 cruise, yea! I had been toying with the idea of this trip for months and had been trying to get one of my friends to go, but no, the losers just couldn't get their act together. I've always wanted to see Alaska, and while I never cared to take a cruise I always said if I had to take one it would be to Alaska. This cruise will be even better because it's going to have over 150 knitters, holy lace socks Batman! This all really happened because I saw a post on the Seasocks Ravelry group and it was a group of three gals who needed a fourth for their cabin, this brought the price down a good 500 dollars if I had a 2 person cabin. I looked around at flight costs and I think the trip will cost just under $1200, that's the cruise, flight, steward tips, High Tea excursion in Victoria, and soda drink card. Good Deal I think. I am very excited.

Today Racheal needed a little retail therapy, um, yarn therapy really and as a good knitting buddy I went with her to Mosaic in Des Plaines. Right off I'm going to admit, I'm weak, very very weak. I bought the Chocolatier sock yarn before I finished my own current sock project and today I bought some of the Noro sock yarn I was lusting after before I finish g-ma's bag, also like I promised.

I'm only human! At first when I was looking at the Noro sock yarn on-line I really wanted a colorway that had bright geen, light green and fuschia tones, very springy, instead I opted for a colorway that had olive, orange, lavendar and grape, very fallish. On the upside, it's not like I'm knitting with those yarns, I just had to have them, at least it's not Crack right? On a side note, I didn't just buy the sock yarn, I also bought 8 skeins of Debbie Bliss silk yarn. In the silk yarn I got lucky.

Rachael first spotted it in the sale rack, I fished out all the skeins and she would have bought them but what it came down to is that the peachy color looked so much better on me. A true knitting friend will recognize the fact that the color they love doesn't agree with you and would look better on another person. The best of it all is the price, 8 skeins at $14.75=$118.00, did I pay that NO, I got 8 skeins for, $8! Yea, I scored big, I had heard about these mythical deals at Mosaic, Linda told me her luck there, but now I've experienced it.

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Oh, that is a FABULOUS color!!! Great deal :-)