Monday, February 04, 2008

Post 126-Linda's Curse

Linda you cursed me! I'll admit, I was weak and bought the sock yarn when I promised myself I wouldn't until I finished two projects, and Linda made fun of me. Well, she cursed me and damaged my Cat Bordhi sock book, come to think of it, she should buy me a new one since it's all her fault, or it could have been snow that got into my bag, dunno, I'll go with Linda just in case. When I was at Mosaic with Racheal on Saturday I pulled my sock knitting book out of my bag only to discover that the top edge was soaking wet with water.

Racheal said I should freeze it and then brush the water crystals off and that's what they do in academia, well, it didn't work, the cheap water soaked pages started sticking together like glue and ripping when touched. My only solutions was to gently separate the pages and iron them flat and dry.

Overall it work, I still lost some directions and the pages are all rippled, but it's still a usable book. I think this book was cursed from the beginning. I had the hardest time finding a copy, I think the author designed the needle placement diagrams backward, OfficeMax ruined the original cover when I brought it in for binding, and now this, damn! This book will look so out of place on my bookshelf next the perfectly organized ones, I am very upset by this. :(

AH, a picture of the Hazel Knits yarn in Chocolatier I got.

It's really nice and looks like I bought it in a store. I figure this yarn and the Noro yarn will balance each other, one is crazy and colorful and the other subdued and sturdy.

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