Saturday, September 08, 2007

Post 74, Kapoot

You shouldn't struggle when knitting, I don't like projects that fight me. So, with great hesitation, I frogged the Pomatomus sock. Basically I had turned the heel and got past the gusset when I tried it on and found the heel section way to big and loose. I remade the heal and instead of using the the heel in the pattern, and tried a twisted stitch heel to pull it in and make in dense and tight, but still it just wasn't right, I was even going to decrease the gusset stitched more than was designed.

I think part of the problem was I didn't read the label and the yarn is in fact DK weight, which was why it fit so well around my chunky calves and was really loose around the foot. On the other hand I really like the pattern and was getting really good at memorizing it, so it will have to wait for some other sock yarn.

There is no other option but to start a new sock. I can either A-choose another yarn and redo the Potatomus or B-choose another yarn with a pattern already choosen for it. I have some more lovely sock yarn from New York that I still haven't touch Jitterbug and some Fleece Artist. On the other hand, I have this lovely bundle that I just purchased and I'm dieing to play with it.

Now doesn't that look lovely! The minute I read about the yarn with real sterling silver in it on Knitters Review I just had to have some, it is the perfect mix of my jewelry background and knitting passion. There is a lovely little sock pattern called Snowflake Lace Sock that I saw on Magknits that would be perfect, on second thought, I should hold off until winter comes to make these socks. I just a vision of myself knitting them, the snows falling outside and I'm watching my fireplace DVD with my dog on my lap, all nice and cozy. I'm really tired, can you tell? I was at the Hideout Block Party this evening, I didn't wear the right shoes and my feet hurt. I saw the movie Once this week and am now a big fan of Glen Hansgard, of The Frames, and tonight I saw them live.

I like the way they set up the stage with such a picturesque view of a sanitation building.

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