Thursday, September 20, 2007

Post 80-Yum!

Slowly but surely, well not so slowly now is the tickergetting closer to me being in Ravelry!
I've had a lovely last couple of days. I made an overdue visit to The Spice House here in Chicago, it's one the best places for anyone who likes to cook. All the spices are fresh, you can taste them all, want some cinnamon, you have FOUR to choose from, and did I mention the prices, cheap. If you knew about this place you would never shop anywhere else, look how bright and fresh these spices are!

From left to right:
Greek Oregano
Garam Masala Curry
Chili Con Carne
Dill Weed
Dehydrated Garlic
I finally broke down and bought a pepper mill. Several years ago I realized how yummy pepper was, I mean I always used it but I wasn't enjoying and now I am. A couple of months ago I was talking to a coworker about spices and I asked him where a good place was to get a quality pepper mill that wasn't too expensive and he said the spice house of course! Apparently this is a top of line mill with a simple gear inside and if you loosen to pin at the top you can adjust the grind.

Now on to the knitting. The pomatomus socks are all done and are currently on sock blockers drying attached to the refrigerator by magnet clips. Now the big question is what sock pattern to do next. I have been looking for the new Cat Bordhi sock book everywhere after seeing Linda's copy. I should have bought it at Stitches like she did but I wasn't aware how cool it would be, I thought it was just another sock book and I have lots of those.

In my effort to try not to wind up yarn until I need it I think I'll be playing with this lucky skein. It's not actually the same named colorway but the colors are the same, it was a gift my secret pal got from the etsy shop of RubySapphire yarns.

As lovely as the colorway is, it does make it diffult to do anything lace like, but I love it so, I've never seent this color combo in a sock yarn before. I think I'll try it on the Jaywalker pattern since I seem to be the only person in the knitting universe that hasn't done it, I really thing the zigzag nature of the pattern will lend itself well to the way the colors will stripe.

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