Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Post 84

Today, will it be today? I'm down to 201 on the waiting list. Racheal who has been checking my status (she's on the waiting list too but a little behind me) has generously offered to assist me with entering my stash in the database, I have alot of yarn. Either she has offered because 1. she wants help when it's her turn, or 2. she wants dig into the depths of my stash like she's never been before.
The Jaywalker socks I was so into are on hold and have been put on the back burner. I love that pattern, I love that yarn, but I got to the heel and decided to try it on, and it would barely fit over my foot, too tight! It's the yarn, no stretch (100% wool, no syns), it was me, I swatched but maybe an error? I have fat ankles? So when I'm ready again and get over my sock burnout I will do them again but add one more repeat of the zigzag pattern and all will be well. I think I want to play with a sweater and the Elzebeth Lavold Silky Wool yarn has been stewing long enough. At stitches I bought two bags of the yarn, one in this deep grape purple color and the other a nice medium-dark brown that is very neutral not too cool and not too warm of a tone.
So this is the pattern I want to do:

Last night I was up late watching some instant view movies on Netflix and doing some swatching. The pattern to be precise is called Ljod and is the one featured on the cover of the book. The two needles sizes it asks for is a 4 and a 6, the size six is for the body of the piece. The designer recommends using circulars on the bottom part of sweater, probably because it flares out and is so wide, so I might as well use circs for the whole thing. I am among the few who still love their straight needles for large projects I think. So I started swatching with my Addi's on the six, not getting guage, go down to a 5, still not getting guage, the next size I have is a 3 and it's too tight so what I really need is a 4 I guess, which is the one size I don't have so off to the LYS I go. I guess I should have remembered that I knit loose on Addi's. My appointment for this morning was rescheduled for tomorrow, so off to the LYS I go and I really need some coffee too!

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