Monday, September 17, 2007

Post 78, Tick Tock

It's just a manner of time now, Ravelry is speading up it's acceptance of people now at a rate of 300 a day, up from 100. I'm predicting that I'll get my Ravelry e-mail in 14 days or less, or by September 30 (I had previously predicted mid-October) It may seem I'm alittle obsessed by this whole Raverly thing, and yes, I am, but it is seriously the coolest thing ever! I hope by the time I get to join that no one has made use of my name :(
My first class of the season was last night, I really like having it on a Sunday, makes it less hectic during the week. Class size was just the right size, 5 people, one guy, a mother and two adult daughters and an elderly woman. Also, a small class means I can spend more time with the older woman, she's taking to it all a bit slowly.

I have no interesting pictures of my knitting today so I thought I would show you this, it's a photo I took at the Art Institute last week. There was some sort of historical coins of the world display and I thought this was funny. What is so unique about this US quarter that it would have to be on loan? How much would you insure it for? I thought it was hilarious.

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