Friday, September 14, 2007

Post 76, Chilly Willy

Mother Nature is giving us a preview of things to come. Tomorrow there are several activities to keep me busy in the city, Renegade Craft Fair, Celtic Fest and lots of knitting. To top it all off the high temperature will be a hot 62 degrees, YEA! Wearing short sleeves and sandals at the Celtic Fest is about apropriate as swimming on Christmas day in Arizona. Did I mention that autumn is my favorite season? I'm looking forward to apple picking, yarn dying, pumpkin carving and some good live music concerts. Then again, being that this is Chicago, we could have a heat wave next week, it's happened before. Today was the first time in 5 months that Bella wore her coat on a walk, I'm guessing it was good timing for Rachael and I to have gone biking around the Chicago Botanical Gardens yesterday.

Sock one of the revived Pomatomus is done and thanks to my West Wing Season 5 DVD set I'm at the heel flap of number two in one night. I've decided to rename the sock, Pomatomus is just not right, it's too simple, this yarn screams for something more unique, colorful, perhaps Europomus. Sure it sounds like a disease but it looks very european, colorful, funky and oh so gaudy.

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