Friday, September 21, 2007

Post 81-Sock Mania

Here are the long awaited sock pictures.
This first one is what I called my "Army/Navy" socks, but really the pattern is from one of the Sensational Sock books, it's the garter rib. The yarn I used is from Lorna's Laces, I love their sock yarn and I loved the yarn and its colors when I first saw it, but the stripes it makes not so nice, these will be work horse socks.

These are my first completed pair of Pomatomus, designed by CookieA of course. My first attempt was with the wrong yarn, dummy me did not realized it was DK weight, duh. I think the yarn I choose really works with it, yea the colors are alittle crazy but the pattern does stand out when you see them in person.

My first try at the Jaywalker socks did not work out but this time around it's perfection. The color is great, the stripes are great, sometimes it's a crap shoot with hand-dyed yarns. Like the Army/Navy socks and the first try at the Jaywalker with Socks That Rock, in a skein form the yarn looks great, colors melt into each other and I buy it, but knitted up, sometimes it's like a Jekyl/Hyde thing. My new passion in sock yarn is the semi-solid craze, or heck even solids, what ever happened to solid colored sock yarn? While flipping through the new Cat Bordhi book I don't know what I was in love with, the patterns, or the colors of the yarn. I guess I will always foolishly buy multi-colored sock yarn.

Isn't this just cute, harmony in the animal house.

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