Sunday, September 23, 2007

Post 82-Lazy Day

I think I had one of the best days in along time. First I started out with sleeping in, which I always do anyway, but I actually woke up before 11. In my defense, I do stay up late too much so it balances itself out in the end right? I piddled around the house, made coffee, took shower and even blow dried my hair. I took the car in for a long over due wash. There is this great full service carwash by my house that will wash the car, vacuum and towel dry for the low price of 9.95 plus tips. It's not quite like getting it detailed, but then I didn't pay 100 dollars either. I decided I wanted to see a movie and choose The Jane Austen Book Club. I'm on an Austen kick after seeing the movie loosely based on her life and have also reviewed all the latest movies and mini series based on her writings. That was a lovely movie and I'm glad I saw it even though it was in a limited release. Due to the few places you could see it I had to go to Pipers Alley which is not my first choice for a theater because there is so little street parking and the parking lot costs too much. Well I got there extra early and found street meter parking right in front of a cute boutique. Needing quarters for the meter I went inside the store, bought a bday card for a friend and asked the owner how late they were open, 10 pm she said, so I asked her to put some more quarters in the meter and she was nice enough to do that, its refreshing to be able to trust strangers some time! I found a bead store on Wells that I didn't know existed, the selection was ok, but I did find little alpaca beads that I made into stitch markers and are for sale on Etsy. After the movie when I was walking back to my car I just felt good, it wasn't too late out, the moon was nice and bright, a slight breeze was in the air and I felt like a tourist in my own city, I even passed the cutest Bistro the felt straight out of Quebec, I have to go back! Before I forget, I saw the previews for the new Elizabeth movie and it looked so good it gave me chills!
I've been playing around with making my own stitch markers for several years now, even before Etsy was online. Occasionally I would sell them at a few local yarn stores or to my friends, but damnit, I don't know why I never actually put any on Etsy. I'm picky, ask all my friends, I'm also really into the details of the way something is made and I didn't like what I was seeing out there in regards to stitch markers. Either the design contruction was good but the bead choice heavy, or the beads were good and designed badly. I had a Secret Pal send me some really pretty stitch markers made with silver and evil eye beads, in all respects they were very nice, except the ring was wrapped with the wire that was holding the beads and would snag my yarn and poke my finger all the time, a big no-no. I like a clean look with nice materials, I want my stitch markers to be like jewelry for my needles. Naughty Linda jumped the gun on me and bought some new markers to be used with the new Cat Bordhi Book instead of asking me to customized some for her, and I wouldn't even charge her mark-up. So in all I like Etsy, I like the idea of it and there are some really nice items out there, the tough part is pricing your product, you don't want it too low so as to undervalue your time but then you don't want it too much so no one will buy. I think there are alot of people out there who charge too little.

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