Saturday, September 29, 2007

Post 87-Sick of It

Not Ravelry, no, could never be sick of, just sick of being sick, I have a whopping head cold. I have been a busy little bee, been babysitting alot, finally shopped around and upgraded my bike, got on to Ravelry and have been documenting my stash. It's alot of work this Ravelry. I've got all my books in that they have on their master list, which means I have aobut 10 that are somewhat obscure. Half of my needles are in, I was working on what I had pulled out for swatching, and have only nibbled at my stash. I decided to start it one box at a time, and the sock yarn box is in. It's not hard but actually rather easy since the photos are linked through Flickr, it's just that now I have to photograph everything and in doing so admit I have a problem, I love yarn! I can't type much more before my nose drips all over everything and I have to go pick up my bike. This is what my about me page in Ravelry looks like:

Roomie got an electric piano in the mail, the box full of pink peanuts proved to hard to resist for Piewacket, she jumped right and was having a field day. Believe it or not, this is her happy face.

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