Friday, December 07, 2007

Post 105B-Ask and You Shall Recieve

Right now I'm babysitting for a friend which is why I've been able to post twice in one day. I went to check my e-mail and was getting alittle worried because I hadn't recieved a my ticket via American Airlines with my flight information. Last year I gave up my seat on a flight and recieved a voucher which I used this year to fly. But, I had to send it regeistered mail to AA and given the quality of Chicago's postal service I was getting worried that they lost it. So I called AA, and after MUCH waiting they confirmed that they just recieved and would be processing it within the next 12 hours, and I would get my e-ticket. As much as I was worried that they would not get my voucher, I really called because the cost of the flight just dropped 30 bucks and I was hoping to get in on that price, if they hadn't recieved my voucher that hadn't charged me for the difference yet...see how my mind works. Well, to my surprise the lady at American that I talked to on the phone secured my flight at the lower price, yea, I never thougth they would actually do it and was totally prepared for them to say no, that I was locked in at the first price. The bestest part was that this was the lowest price I had seen the flight for since I started looking. See, I truely believe in asking people, you never know what you'll get by simply asking, the worst they can say is no. This flight to visit my grandmother and aunt for the holidays will end up on costing my $24.80, Hah!

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David said...


I don't knit or do anything like that, but your blog it's quite interesting anyway. Yeah, is so good when something comes just as you wanted to.

I like the mix between knitting and recipes.

Have a great weekend! :)