Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Post 111-Arkansas

Happy Festivus! Just a quick notes from the land of bad food, bad accents but tranquil peace and clean air, Arkansas. I recieved lots of lovely items from my relatives, several kitchen gadgets that I actually didn't have, simple things like a spatula and potato pealer (I use roomies). The best thing was my Harmony Set of needles from Knitpicks, ahhhH! They are so pretty and shiny, colorful needles ar4e not my style (I wish they made them out of natural color laminated wood, that would be a awesome)but that's ok, at least I didn't have to pay for them and they were a lovely gift that I really wanted. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to meet up the local knitting group and get a good cup of coffee, that's what I'm missing the most. My flight in yesterday was almost uneventful, I managed to get my metal circs through security, it just would have helped if my suitcase made it on my flight, a large number of people on my small flight were missing luggage. When I opened it up at my grandmothers condo later that day I had the loveliest note from the TSA saying they inspected my suitcase which is why I think it was on the later flight, huh.
Did you know that it was illegal in the state of Arkansas to sell or serve liquor on Christmas? Yup, only on this one day, talk about mixing church and state.

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Linda said...

WAS illegal or IS still illegal? I'm sure this couldn't possibly be enforced in someon's home!