Sunday, December 09, 2007

Post 106-Knitting Intervention Needed!

I'm serious here, in the church of knitting what do you do when you hear a fellow knitter say they're loosing the faith, um, desire to knit. Help is needed and right away, I wish Hallmark made an e-card for knitting cheering-up. As an honored member of the church of knit I did my best to reboot the failing knitting machine that Megan is, I showed some creative and interesting patterns on Ravelry, suggested that pod-casts be listened too, recommended knit blogs to inspire and informed about the newly released Knitty winter issue. Hopefully all will be saved though I think coming to a Stitch N Bitch meeting soon would help too.
I wish I had the lifestyle and time to knit because I needed to wear clothing and the only way to was to make them myself. I have a great likening to the idea of if you needed it, you made it. Granted, it is so much faster and in most cases cheaper just to go out and buy that knitted garment. I try to remember several things that make me a knitter...

-I can probably make it better (that is if my competition is child labor in China)
-I can make it fit my unconventional shape
-I can make it the color I like
-I can make it in a color that looks good on me (though sometimes what I like and what looks good on me contradict each other)
-I can make it in a fiber I like/lust for
-I can make what style I like even if the 'THEYS' out there don't think it's currently fashionable
-I knit because it's cheaper than a drug addiction
-I knit because I can

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