Monday, December 31, 2007

Post 112-Post Holiday Revelry

I'm back!
I woke up early this morning to babysit and was greeted by this:

You would never know that I live in Chicago and within 5 miles of downtown, it looks like I'm out in the country. I love days that look like this, fog is in my blood, I'm Scottish after all (and now related to Pocahontas?).

So here are some lovely pics of my trip to Hot Sprints Arkansas, ahh, the center of culture down under. :)

Everything looks peaceful at 30,000 feet.

Hot Springs second claim to fame:

Creepy old hotel where we had Festivus brunch:

Creepy old VA hospital up on the hill, can anyone say "REDRUM"?

A lovely park in front of some of the hot springs, and yes, they are really HOT!

A very relaxing video of the bubbling hot waters.

Overall the holiday was good even though my bitch aunt showed up a day early, her very voice grates my spine. On the upside of this unexpected arrival is that I got to see my cousins, the musician and his brother the soon to be reality tv star. So for my last night there I hung out in the guest room watching Secretary (love this movie) in my iPod (thank-you for making a video iPod) and I began my first sock from the new Cat Bordhi book.
The quilt is well under way, it was really nice using my grandmother's Janome sewing maching and Rowenta iron, is was a lovely wednesday evening, me sewing and grandma working on her 3-D puzzle.

Future Survivor Star!

Quazy-Famous Emo Musician

I stayed in the guest room that evening knitting because I wanted to avoid evil aunt, but I did hear some very interesting details about Survivor, which I don't think are top secret but I still won't repeat.

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Good Heavens! All the men in your family are hotties :-D