Monday, December 10, 2007

Post 107-Success!

I made bread! This is my first successful loaf of real bread, not a nut bread, but REAL bread that looks like I bought it at Red Hen Bread, the artisan bread shop down the street. Thank-you Cooks Illustrated for having a easy recipe that required very little kneeding, a little beer and the strange method of baking bread in a Dutch Oven. I can now add bread making to my cooking resume.

Just Add Butter!

No knitting done today, I know, I know, two weeks until X-mas! I did make that lovely loaf of bread, put the outdoors holiday decorations up, and worked some more on making a vintage sequined tree ornament. Last night I did make some homemade chili, I even took pics of it, but thought that was a little too much, I make chili all the time, but not bread.
That's all!

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David said...

That bread looks too good to have been made for a newbie... Congrats!

I cook from my teenage, and I think have become better with the years. But I just learned to make bread two years ago. I was getting down from a strenuous mountain climbing, and went to visit a friend who was caretaker in a small sky resort (just imagine my hungry). He didn't have nothing really quick for feeding me, so I helped him to make bread. That was the best bread I have ever tasted.

Thanks for your past visit. :)