Sunday, December 23, 2007

Post 110-At Least It Was Craft!

One of the blogs I like to visit is Recently they had a link to a crafty project where you take old wool trousers from a thrift store and make little Sympathy Dolls. Cool, I thought I would make a couple as some more holiday gifts for my relatives because once again like every year I'm worried that I didn't spend as much on them as they spent on me, vicious cycle. I went to the craft store and was dismayed to find that my Joann's doesn't even sell fine wool fabric that you would make suits with, wah?? Never fear, there are other things I could use, like the bag of wool sweaters I bought this summer at the Salvation Army and had already felted, perfect for my project! So at midnight I pulled out my sewing machine and went to work. The first one I made was the striped one, I loved it so much I'm keeping that one for myself, it will be my travel doll, something I keep on my nightstand.

These were really fast and fun to make, the only stupid thing I did was use blue sharpie to make the pattern outline on the fabric and it ended up getting all over my new manicure, fuck. So my options to fix the manicure are to completely remove my Essie Mademoiselle nail polish and redo it, or just do a couple coats of a dark red color over and save myself from the mess. Dunno what to do. So I may not have been knitting yesterday but at least I was being crafty.

Well I have three batches of chocolate chip cookies to make today, I bring them with me on vacation, the chocolate chip cookie is the official family cookie, I know it's strange. This year I'll make a batch of dark chocolate, mini chips and mint chocolate, yum! I really like carrying them with me on the plane and every year I buy a cheap hat box at TJ Maxx, I like the look of carrying a pretty hat box in the airport, kinda old fashion, but people know when the look at me that there's something special in that box. Bonus of this is, if I get delayed at the airport I'll have fresh homemade cookies to eat and share.

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Linda said...

Those are totally adorable! Yes, you are officially "very crafty!"