Friday, December 21, 2007

Post 109B-What's German For Moo?

I had a good day today, it started off with a productive interview, I had yummy brunch at the best place in the world, The Bongo Room, but then the day went crappy after that. With the newly discovered Starbucks invasion I was upset (see previous post, duh )and while at the grocery store I thought I would do a good thing and donate blood because they were having a blood drive. Well due to my childhood 3 year stint as an Air Force brat in Germany, I have been permanently barred from donating blood because of Mad Cow. My friends always thought I was a little strange but damn, Mad Cow??? You mean my yarn addiction can be blamed on a brain condition I picked up overseas as a kid, ahhh, that makes sense now. That might explain why I don't eat as much red meat as I do chicken.

A little holiday fun I made for my grandmother. This stars my grandma, cousin, aunt, my cat Pie and me! Kinda dorky but it got me in the holiday mood.

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