Monday, December 17, 2007

Post 108-YEA!!!!

I've got a secret, oh, I already said that, well I guess I can tell everyone now.....If you watched the season finale of Survivor 15-China, in the last half hour they showed a quick preview of some of the contestants for season 16-Mircronesia/Palau, and well, my cousin Jason was on it.

YEA! My little cousin Jason, older brother to Adam of The Academy Is, the kid who I used to wake up early before school to make blueberry muffins for and who I made a lobster Halloween costume for is a contestant on Survivor 16!!!!! I haven't gotten the official ok to announce it, but seriously, they showed him on primetime TV, so it can't be that much of a secret anymore. If your a gambling person I would put my money on him getting far in the game, really far, so far he could be on the's just a hunch....

Nora got me some lovely lush yarn for x-mas, all handmade locally in South Carolina, but seeing as how I'm at an internet cafe, I can't tell you the manufacturer, I didn't write it down, ugh. I still haven't finished sister #2'S scarf, well it's hard to finish something you haven't even started, but as much as I would love for it to get there by X-mas, I'm in no rush, I never get their gifts untill the new year, so meh! I did some work today, yes I was up by 8 a.m., some crazy lady paid me to wrap her holiday gifts, that was easy money.
I'm tired, toodles!

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