Friday, December 21, 2007

Post 109-There Goes the Neighborhood

I've lived in my neighborhood since I graduated from college and in that time (less than 10 years) I've seen a lot of changes. My area in the neighborhood is not were it gets trendy, it's the family area where you must have a dog or a baby to live (I have a dog). I don't own, I rent, and 30 years ago the neighborhood was shit, I think someone was even stabbed on my doorstep, or was it shot. It's a really cool part of the city, right by the highway and the el line that takes you into the city or the out to the airport, heck, the two-flat I live in is probably worth 450,000?(I rent the garden from the owner who lives above) But it's still a cool neighborhood and relatively safe, if you're not a bicycle that is. Well it's going to shit again, between the only bar that has cider on tap(which I love) and my favorite Cuban restaurant they are putting in a coffee shop that rhymes with fivebucks. Holy-Fucking-Shit!!!!! Why couldn't a cute and hip coffeeshop go in that bought local roasted coffee and put money back in the neighbrhood? I admit I do visit the evil seattle company stores from time to time, but in expected areas like Michigan Ave, where's it's ok to have sold out to the corporate machine, or in cities where they have NO OTHER COFFEE shops, like Hot Springs AR. When I visit I don't expect quality coffee or espresso, I go for the sweet fancy drinks. There goes the neighborhood, you might as well call us West Lincoln Park. Damn.

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